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Compassionate Debridement and Biopsy Devices for Veterinary Care

About Histologics Veterinary

About Histologics Veterinary

Successful wound management depends on taking the correct approach to the lesion, including deciding whether to close it or manage it as an open wound.

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The Soft K-RetteC® crevice debridement and tissue sampling curette, and the Soft-Biopsy®, debridement curette and biopsy device, when employed in the veterinary patient wound result in the hook tip shearing off strips of tissue to a depth that is required; dermis or subcutaneous level, resulting in effective debridement or curettage or small punch biopsy histological slides in the lab. The fabric is designed to not only remove, but also collect and store the tissue harvested within its straight rows of hooks. The tissue can be removed safely, effectively, and efficiently (within seconds). The tissue-filled fabric FDA compliant tissue container can be placed in a vial of formalin fixative. For Biofilm or organism identification, it can be placed in culture medium, or molecular testing vial and be transported to the lab. The laboratory process is simplified by the design of the Kylon® fabric to easily release the tissue in the lab or for organisms to be released into solution with vortexing.

Multiple clinical trials are beginning in the veterinary field, while many publications exist in the human for women's health and wound care.


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