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Compassionate Debridement and Biopsy Devices for Veterinary Care

Soft K-Cot for Veterinary

Image of Soft K-Cot.

Soft K-Cot is the simple single-use, sterile and gentle approach to perform wound debridement or a wound biopsy.

Wound management may require debridement, or a tangential biopsy of wound base tissue for micro organism analysis via molecular, culture, or anatomic pathology. The Soft K-Cot device hasan oval shaped patented fabric (KYLON) pad on the cot fingertip. With simultaneous tactilemodulation, mechanical debridement can be achieved with light stroking of the slough or debris, while deep debridement can be achieved with a press and twist motion to detach the target areas for “cleaning”. The removed material can be simply wiped away with sterile gauze after debridement. If a sample is needed, a sterile Soft K-Cot can collect and trap tissue from the wound base or target as an alternative to a swab sample, punch, or curette biopsy devices. This Soft K-Cot is designed to provide abundant histology samples, not simply fluid. The entire finger cot including tissue trapped in the KYLON pad hook array can be simply removed and placed in a fixative vial for transport to the lab.

Why Use The Soft K-Cot Device?

Image of Soft K-Cot.
  • Ease of Use - Moderate pressure to the wound surface for debridement, or press and rotate to collect tissue.
  • Designed for a compassionate patient experience and compliance.
  • Abundant tissue samples can be collected for lab testing (culture, molecular, anatomic pathology).
  • Intuitive design facilitates tactile and efficient, user-control for targeted debridement or biopsy.
  • Fabric disk conforms to flat or curved wound surfaces.

Quick Prep, Simple Sample, Easy Clean Up


What is Kylon?

Kylon® is a hooked nylon fabric that can be mounted an applicator stick or digit-sleeve, that when pressed on tissue surfaces, allows the hook tip to contact the target tissues, and with pressure and rotation, a trans-epithelial biopsy is obtained. The procedure of applying, pressing, and rotating a Kylon® covered tapered device into the wound and rotating it to obtain a curettage specimen. 
kylon2 kylon2b

Feel the Kylon on your finger tips!

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